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TCS Placement paper Aptitude MCQ questions with answer (set 2)

This is set 2 of TCS Placement paper - Aptitude MCQ questions with answer. 

Set 1 can be found from here: https://www.hackersfriend.com/articles/tcs-placement-paper-aptitude-mcq-questions-with-answer-set-1

Crusoe hatched from a mysterious egg discovered by Angus was growing at a fast pace that Angus had to move it from home to the lake. Given the weights of Crusoe in its first weeks of birth as 5, 15, 30, 135, 405, 1215, 3645. Find the odd weight out.

a) 3645
b) 135
c) 15
d) 30

Answer: d) 30
Assume that f(1)=0 and f(m+n)=f(m)+f(n)+4(9mn-1). For all natural numbers (Integers>0)m and n. What is the value of f(17)?

a) 5436
b) 4831
c) 5508
d) 4832

Answer: d) 4832
A sum of Rs.3000 is distributed among P, Q, and R. P gets 2/3 of what Q and R got together and R gets 1/3 of what P and Q got together, R’s share is?

a) 750
b) 850
c) 800
d) 700

Answer: a) 750
In the given series 11, 23, 47, 83, 131, … What is the next number?

a) 145
b) 178
c) 191
d) 176

Answer: c) 191
If a number is divided by 357 the remainder is 5, what will be the remainder if the number is divided by 17?

a) 9
b) 3
c) 7
d) 5

Answer: d) 5 
A pole of height 36m is on one edge of a road broke at a certain height. It fell in such a way that the top of the pole touches the other edge of the road. If the breadth of the road is 12m, then what is the height at which the pole broke?

a) 12
b) 16
c) 24
d) 18

Answer: b) 16
There is a hall consisting of 23 people. They are shaking hands together. So how many hands shakes possible if they are in a pair of cyclic sequence?

a) 23
b) 22
c) 253
d) 250

Answer: c) 253
In a basement, there are some bicycles and cars. On Tuesday there are 182 wheels in the basement. How many bicycles are there?

a) 20
b) 19
c) 18
d) 16

Answer: b) 19
There is a rectangular ground 17 × 8 m surrounded by a 1.5 m width path. The depth of the path is 12 cm. Sand is filled and find the quantity of sand required.

a) 5.5
b) 10.08
c) 6.05
d) 7.05

Answer: b) 10.08
The numbers 272738 and 232342, when divided by n, a two digit number, leave a remainder of 13 and 17 respectively. Find the sum of the digits of n?

a) 5
b) 4
c) 7
d) 8

Answer: c) 7
Find the next number in the series of 3, 12, 7, 26, 15, ?

a) 54
b) 55
c) 64
d) 74

Answer: a) 54
There is a toy gun that made 10 musical sounds. It makes 2 musical sounds after being defective. What is the probability that same musical sound would be produced 5 times consecutively?

a) 1/16
b) 1/32
c) 1/48
d) 1/2

Answer: b) 1/32
In how many possible ways you can write 3240 as a product of 3 positive integers?

a) 320
b) 420
c) 350
d) 450

Answer: d) 450 ways
The marked price of a shirt was 40% less than the suggested retail price. Ram purchased the coat for half of the marked price at the 15th-anniversary sale. What percent less than the suggested retail price did Ram pay?

a) 70%
b) 20%
c) 60%
d) 30%

Answer: a) 70%
HCF of 2472, 1284 and a 3rd number, is 12. If their LCM is 8*9*5*103*107, then what is the number?

a) 2^2*3^2*7^1
b) 2^2*3^2*5^1
c) 2^2*3^2*8103
d) None of the above.

Answer: b) 2^2×3^2×5^1
An old man takes 30 minutes and a young man takes 20 minutes to walk from apartment to office. If one day the old man started at 10.00 AM and the young man at 10:05 AM from the apartment to office, when will they meet?

a) 10:00
b) 10:15
c) 10.30
d) 10:45

Answer: b) 10:15
In the range of 112 to 375, how many 2’s are there?

a) 312
b) 156
c) 159
d) 160

Answer: b) 156
Ram walks 36 km partly at a speed of 4 km/hr and partly at 3 km/hr. If he had walked at a speed of 3km/hr when he had walked at 4 and 4 km/hr when he had walked at 3 he would have walked only 34 km. The time (in hours) spent by Ram in walking was

a) 10
b) 5
c) 12
d) 8

Answer: a) 10
What will be the 55th word in the arrangement of the letters of the word PERFECT?


Answer: b) CEPFERT
Identify the missing number in the series: 2, 5, __, 19, 37, 75?

a) 16
b) 12
c) 10
d) 9

Answer: d) 9
If VXUPLVH is written as SURMISE, what is SHDVD written as?

d) None of the above

Answer: a) PEASA
Aman owes Bipul Rs 50. He agrees to pay Bipul over a number of the consecutive day starting on Monday, paying a single note of Rs 10 or Rs 20 on each day. In how many different ways can Aman repay Bipul. (Two ways are said to be different if at least one day, a note of a different denomination is given)

a) 5
b) 6
c) 7
d) 8

Answer: d) 8
Salim bought a certain number of oranges at a rate of 27 oranges for rupees 2 times M, where M is an integer. He divided these oranges into two equal halves, one part of which he sold at the rate of 13 oranges for Rs M and the other at the rate of 14 oranges for Rs M. He spent and received an integral no of rupees, but bought the least number of oranges. How many did he buy?

a) 980
b) 9828
c) 1880
d) 102660

Answer: b) 9828
In a football match, 16 teams participate and are divided into 4 groups. Every team from each group will play with each other once. The top 2 winning teams will move to the next round and so on the top two teams will play the final match. So how many minimum matches will be played in that tournament?

a) 40
b) 14
c) 43
d) 50

Answer: c) 43
There are 12 letters and exactly 12 envelopes. There is one letter to be inserted randomly into each envelope. What is the probability that exactly 1 letter is inserted in an improper envelope?

a) 1
b) 0
c) 10!
d) None of these

Answer: b) 0
A hollow space on the earth surface is to be filled. The total cost of filling is Rs. 20000. The cost of filling per cubic-meter is Rs 225. How many times is a size of 3 cubic-meter soil required to fill the hollow space?

a) 29.62
b) 30.32
c) 88.88
d) 43.64

Answer: a) 29.62
A 7-digit number is to be formed with all different digits. If the digits at the extreme right and extreme left are fixed to 5 and 6 respectively, find how many such numbers can be formed?

a) 120
b) 30240
c) 6720
d) None of these

Answer: c) 6720
There are five tires in a sedan (four road tires and one spare) which is to be used equally in a journey to travel 40, 000 km. The number of km of use of each tyre was

a) 32000
b) 8000
c) 4000
d) 10000

Answer: a) 32000
When a + b is divided by 12 the remainder is 8, and when a – b is divided by 12 the remainder is 6. If a > b, what is the remainder when ab divided by 6?

a) 3
b) 1
c) 5
d) 4

Answer: b) 1
There is a set of 26 questions. For each wrong answer, five marks were deducted and eight points were added for each correct answer. Assuming that all of the questions were answered, and the score was 0, how many questions were answered correctly?

a) 12
b) 10
c) 11
d) 13

Answer: b) 10
One day, Ramesh started 30 minutes late from home and driving at 25% slower than the usual speed, reached the market 50 minutes late. How much time in minutes does Ramesh usually take to reach the market from home?

a) 20
b) 40
c) 60
d) 80

Answer: a) 60
Three containers A, B and C are having mixtures of milk and water in the ratio of 1:5, 3:5, 5:7 respectively. If the capacities of the containers are in the ratio 5:4:5, find the ratio of milk to water, if all the three containers are mixed together.

a) 54:115
b) 53:113
c) 53:115
d) 54:113

Answer: c) 53:115
Aman participates in an orange race. In the race, 20 oranges are placed in a line of intervals of 4 meters with the first orange 24 meters from the starting point. Aman is required to bring the oranges back to the starting place one at a time. How far would he run in bringing back all the oranges?

a) 1440
b) 2440
c) 1240
d) 2480

Answer: d) 2480 
on them. A card is drawn at random from each deck, getting the numbers x and y What is the probability that log x + log y is a positive integer. (Logs are taken to the base 10.)

a) 7/400
b) 29/100
c) 3/200
d) 1/80

Answer: a) 7/400
There is a conical tent which can accommodate 10 persons. Each person requires 6 sq.meter space to sit and 30 cubic meters of air to breathe. What will be the height of the cone?

a) 72 m
b) 15 m
c) 37.5 m
d) 155 m

Answer: b) 15 m
Find the greatest power of 143 which can divide 125! exactly.

a) 11
b) 8
c) 9
d) 7

Answer: c) 9
A car starts at 6:00 pm. from the starting point at a speed of 18 m/s, reached its destination. There it waited for 40 minutes and returned back at the speed of 28 m/s. Find the time taken to reach the destination.

a) 9:44 pm
b) 8:32 pm
c) 7:30 pm
d) 9:30 pm

Answer: a) 9:44 pm
The value of a house depreciates each year, by 3/4 of its initial value at the beginning of the year. If the initial value of the scooter is Rs. 40, 000. What will be the value at the end of 3 yrs?

a) Rs. 19000
b) Rs. 16875
c) Rs. 17525
d) Rs. 18000

Answer:  b) 16875
All even numbers from 2 to 98 inclusive the both, are to be multiplied together. What is the unit digit of the product?

a) 2
b) 0
c) 6
d) 4

Answer: b) 0
10 programmers are able to type 10 lines in 10 minutes. How many programmer are required to type 60 lines in 60 minutes?

a) 10
b) 16
c) 60
d) None of the above

Answer: a) 10
Anil works for 8 straight days and rest on the 9th day. If he starts his work on Monday, then on which day he gets his 12th rest day?

a) Thursday
b) Tuesday
c) Wednesday
d) Friday

Answer: c) Wednesday
Overfishing is a serious environmental issue. The scientists were able to determine that if the net of a trawler has a mesh size of ‘x’ cm (a square mesh), then the percentage of fish entering the net is caught in the net is expressed in form of the quadratic equation, 100 – 0.04x^2- 0.24x. For example, if the mesh size is zero, 100% of the fish that enter the net will be caught. A trawler with a net with a square mesh, that was suspect of using an illegal size net, dropped its net to the ocean floor near the Lakshadweep and the coast guard, arrested the crew. It was later looked at the size of the fish caught and estimated that for the net used by the trawler, at least 97.8% of the fish entering the net would be caught. What is the maximum value of x for the net used by the trawler?

a) 7
b) 4.5
c) 6
d) 5

Answer: d) 5
The rejection rate for Audi production was 4 per cent, for Mercedes it was 8 per cent and for the 2 cars combined it was 7 per cent. What was the ratio of Audi production?

a) 4/1
b) 2/1
c) 3/1
d) 7/1

Answer: c) 3/1
A team of 11 is needed to be formed who are to be selected from 5 men and 11 women, with the restriction of selecting not more than 3 men. In how many ways can the selection be done?

a) 1121
b) 1565
c) 1243
d) 2256

Answer: d) 2256
There are two bags containing white and black marbles. In the first bag there are 8 white marbles and 6 black marbles and in the second bag, there are 4 white marbles and 7 black marbles. One marble is drawn at random from any of these two bags. Find the probability of this marble being black.

a) 7/54
b) 7/154
c) 41/77
d) 22/77

Answer: c) 41/77
There is a city where all 100% votes are registered. Among this 60% votes for Congress and 40% votes for BJP. Ram, gets 75% of congress votes and 8% of BJP votes. How many votes did Ram get?

a) 48.2 %
b) 56.6 %
c) 42.8 %
d) 64.4 %

Answer: a) 48.2 %
John is faster than Peter. John and Peter each walk 24 km. Sum of the speeds of John and Peter is 7 km/h. Sum of time taken by them is 14 hours. Find John’s speed.

a) 4 km/h
b) 5 km/h
c) 3 km/h
d) 7 km/h

Answer: a) 4 km/h
If f(x) = 2x + 2 what is the value of f(f(3))?

a) 8
b) 64
c) 16
d) 18

Answer: d) 18


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