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Dhirendra Gupta

Student at BIT Mesra Aug. 23, 2020, 11:50 a.m. ⋅ 877 views

Virtusa placement paper Logical reasoning Questions with answers

1. How many such pairs of letters are there in the word ‘VIRTUAL’, each of which has as many letters between them in the word (in both forward and backward direction) as they have between them in the English alphabetical series?

A. None
B. One
C. Two
D. Three
E. More than three

Ans. B

2. Pointing to a girl, Mr. Arun said, ‘She is the daughter of my mother’s only child”. How is the girl related to Mr. Arun?

A. Sister
B. Mother
C. Cousin
D. Daughter
E. Cannot be determined

Ans. D

3. Four of the following five are alike in a certain way and hence from a group. Which the following does not belong to that group?

A. Walk
B. Cry
C. Play
D. Study
E. Alive

Ans. E

4. How many meaningful English words can be formed with the letters ‘ILP’ using all the letters only once in each word?

A. None
B. One
C. Two
D. Three
E. Four

Ans. One

5. Pointing to a man, Dinesh said, “His only brother is the father of my daughter’s father”. How is the man related to Dinesh?

A. Father
B. Grandfather
C. Uncle
D. Brother
E. None of these

Ans. C

6. Ashwin said , “This girl is the wife of the grandson of my mother”. Who is Ashwin to that girl?

A. Husband
B. Father
C. Brother
D. Uncle
E. Father-in-law

Ans. E

7. In a certain code language, ‘LISP’ is coded as ‘MJTQ’, similarly ‘PLAN’ is coded as ‘QMBO’. How will ‘FORT’ be coded in the same code language?

E. None of these

Ans. D

8. In a class of 25 students, Lata’s rank is 13th from the top and Parul’s rank is 19th from the bottom. If Vishal’s rank is exactly between Lata’s and Parul’s rank what is Vishal’s rank from the top?

A. 10th
B. 8th
C. 9th
D. 7th
E. Cannot be determined

Ans. A


9. Find the odd word


Ans. B


10. Statements:
All the trucks are flies. Some scooters are flies.
All the trucks are scooters.
Some scooters are trucks

A. Only (A. conclusion follows
B. Only (B. conclusion follows
C. Either (A. or (B. follows
D. Neither (A. nor (B. follows
E. Both (A. and (B. follow

Ans. A


11. Statements:
All the books are pencils. No pencil is eraser.
All the pencils are books.
Some erasers are books.
No book is eraser.
Some books are erasers.

A. Only (C.
B. Only (A. and (C.
C. Only (A. and (B.
D. Only (B. and (C.
E. Only (C. and (D.

Ans. A


12. Statements:
All the locks are keys. All the keys are bats. Some watches are bats.
Some bats are locks.
Some watches are keys.
All the keys are locks.

A. Only (A. and (B.
B. Only (A.
C. Only (B.
D. Only (A. and (C.

Ans. B


13. Find the odd man out

A. 3,6,9,12
B. 2,4,8,16
C. 12,24,36,48
D. 10,13,16,19

Ans. B

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