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TCS Placement paper Aptitude MCQ questions with answer (set 1)

TCS conducts an aptitude test, as first step in its placement drive. These questions are MCQ questions.

This is set 1 of TCS Placement paper - Aptitude MCQ questions with answer. 

Set 2 can be found from here:https://www.hackersfriend.com/articles/tcs-placement-paper-aptitude-mcq-questions-with-answer-set-2

Here, are some Questions you should practice on.

  • An exam was conducted and the following was analyzed. 4 men were able to check some exam papers in 8 days working 5 hours regularly. What is the total number of hours taken by 2 men in 20 days to check double the number of exam papers?
    • Answer: 8 hours
  • The numbers from 101 to 150 are written as, 101102103104105…146147148149150. What will be the remainder when this total number is divided by 3?
    • Answer: 2
  • If the alphabets are written in the sequence of a, bb, ccc, dddd, eeeee, ffffff, …. What will be the 120th letter?
    • Answer: O
  • There is a tank whose 1/7 th part is filled with fuel. If 22 liters of fuel is poured into the tank, the indicator rises to 1/5 th mark of the tank. So what is the total capacity of the tank?
    • Answer: 385
  • How many prime numbers lie between 3 and 100 (excluding the values) that satisfies the condition:
    4x + 1
    5y – 1
    • Answer: 2
  • There is a fairy island where lives a Knight, a Knave, and a Spy. You go there and meet three people suppose A, B, and C, one of whom is a knight, one a knave, and one a spy. It is known that the knight always tells the truth, the knave always lies, and the spy can either lie or tell the truth.
    A says: “C is a knave.”
    B says: “A is a knight.”
    C says: “I am the spy.” 
    So who is the knight, who the knave, and who the spy?
    • Answer: A = Knight, B = Spy, C = Knave
  • Find the number of perfect squares in the given series 2013, 2020, 2027, ……………., 2300? (Hint 44^2=1936)
    a) 2
    b) 1
    c) 3
    d) None of the above
    • Answer: b) 1
  • In the series of 7^1+7^2+7^3+7^4…….+7^204+7^205, how many numbers are there with the unit place as 3?
    • Answer: 51
  • Find the number of divisors of 1728(including 1 and the number itself).
    • Answer: 28
  • There is a set of 30 numbers. The average of first 10 numbers is equal to the average of last 20 numbers. What is the sum of last 20 numbers?
    a) Twice the sum of the first ten numbers
    b) Sum of first 10 numbers.
    c) Twice the sum of the last ten numbers
    d) Cannot be determined.
    • Answer: a) Twice the sum of the first ten numbers
  • There is a town called Metron, where wheels of the front and rear of vehicles are of different size. The measurement unit followed in the town is the metre. The circumference of the front wheel of the car is 133 metres and that of rear wheels is 190 metres. So what is the distance travelled by the cart in metres when the front wheel has done nine more revolutions than the rear wheel?
    a. 1330
    b. 572
    c. 399
    d. 3990
    • Answer: d) 3990
  • Let a number ‘x’ when divided by 406 leaves a remainder 115. What will be the number when the number is divided by 29?
    • Answer: 28
  • A sequence of an alpha-numeric is to be formed. The sequence consisting of two alphabets followed by two numbers is to be formed with no repetitions. In how many ways can it be formed?
    a. 65000
    b. 64320
    c. 58500
    d. 67600
    • Answer: c) 58500
  • According to a particular code language, A=0, B=1, C=2, …, Y=24, Z=25 then can will ONE+ONE (in the form of alphabets only) be coded?
    a) DABI
    b) CIDA
    c) BDAI
    d) ABDI
    • Answer: c) BDAI
  • In the sequence of problemsolvingproblemsolvingproblemsolving… what is the 2015th alphabet?
    a) p
    b) g
    c) r
    d) n
    • Answer: d) n
  • What is the remainder when the number 101102103104105106107…148149150 is divided by 9?
    • Answer: 2
  • 30 litres of 78% of a concentrated acid solution is to be prepared. How many litres of 90% concentrated acid needs to be mixed with 75% solution of concentrated acid to get the result?
    a) 10
    b) 6
    c) 3
    d) 4
    • Answer: b) 6
  • Ram will be 32 years old in eight years from now. In 4 years, Ram’s father's age will be twice as Ram’s age and two years ago, his mother’s age will be twice as his age. What will be the present age of Ram’s father and mother?
    • Answer: Father's age = 52, Mother's age = 46
  • In a class, the number of boys is equal to the number of girls. What was the total number of students if twice the number of boys as girls remain when 12 girls entered out?
    • Answer: 48
  • If f(x) = ax^4 – bx^2 + x + 5 and given f(-3) = 2, then f(3) = ? (a^b = a raised to power b)
    a) 3
    b) 8
    c) 1
    d) -2
    • Answer: b) 8
  • There is a chocolate factory which distributes chocolates to a class. It supplies chocolates to a class of 50 students for 30 days, keeping in mind that all students get an equal number of chocolates. For the first 10 days, only 20 students were present. How many students be accommodated into the group so that all the chocolates get consumed?
    a) 70
    b) 55
    c) 60
    d) 45
    • Answer: d) 45
  • Given, log(0.318) = 0.3364 and log(0.317) = 0.3332, find log(0.319)?
    a) 0.3396
    b) 0.3394
    c) 0.3393
    d) 0..390
    • a) 0.3396
  • There are a set of 20 students out of which 18 are boys and 2 are girls. They are to be seated in a circular manner so that the two girls are always separated by a boy. In how many ways can the students be arranged?
    a) 12
    b) 18!x2
    c) 17×2!
    d) 17!
    • Answer: b) 18!x2
  • Ram appears for an exam. In paper A he scores 18 out of 70. In paper B he scores 14 out of 30. So in which paper did he perform better?
    a) Paper A
    b) Paper B
    • Answer: b) Paper B
  • A flight takes off at 2 a.m. from a place at 18N 10E and landed at 36N 70W, 10 hours later. What is the local time of the destination?
    a) 6:00 a.m.
    b) 6:40 a.m.
    c) 7:40 a.m.
    d) 7:00 a.m.
    e) 8:00 a.m.
    • Answer: b) 6:40 a.m
  • An athletic run at 9 km/hr along a railway track. The track is 240m long and ahead of a train 120m long running at 45km/hr, in the same direction. how much time will the train take to completely cross the athlete?
    a) 3.6 sec
    b) 18 sec
    c) 72 sec
    d) 36 sec
    • Answer: d) 36 sec 
  • A takes 3 days to complete a work while B takes 2 days. Both of them finish a work and earn Rs. 150. What is A’s share of money?
    a) Rs. 70
    b) Rs. 30
    c) Rs. 60
    d) Rs. 75
    • Answer: c) 60
  • Ram and Shyam salaries are in the ratio of 2:3. If both of there salaries are increased by Rs 4000 each, the new ratio becomes 40:57. What is Shyam’s present salary?
    a) Rs. 17, 000
    b) Rs. 20, 000
    c) Rs. 25, 500
    d) None of these
    • Answer: d) None of these
  • At what rate per cent per annum will the SI on a sum of money be 2/5 of the amount in 10 years?
    a) 6%
    b) 5 2/3 %
    c) 4%
    d) 6 2/3 %
    • Answer: c) 4%
  • A call centre agent has a list of 305 phone numbers of people in alphabetic order of names, but Anuj does not have any of the names. He needs to quickly contact Danish Mank to convey a message to him. If each call takes 2 minutes to complete, and every call is answered, what is the minimum amount of time during which he can guarantee to deliver the message to Danish?
    a) 206 minutes
    b) 610 minutes
    c) 18 minutes
    d) 34 minutes
    • Answer: c) 18 minutes
  • There is an office consisting of 38 peoples. 10 of them like to play golf, 15 like to play football and 20 neither play golf nor football. How many like both golf and football?
    a) 10
    b) 7
    c) 15
    d) 18
    • Answer: b) 7
  • If a dice is rolled 2 times, what is the probability of getting a number 3 or 4?
    a) 6/36
    b) 5/36
    c) 1/9
    d) 1/12
    • Answer: b) 5/36
  • A shopkeeper charges 12 rupees for a bunch of cakes. Anuj bargained to the shopkeeper and got two extra ones, and that made them cost one rupee for dozen less than first asking price. How many cakes did Anuj receive in 12 rupees?
    a) 10
    b) 14
    c) 18
    d) 16
    • Answer: d) 16
  • Ram alone can do 1/4th of the work in 2 days. Shyam alone can do 2/3th of the work in 4 days. So what part of the work must be done by Anil in 2 days, for them to complete the work together in 3 days?
    a) 1/8
    b) 1/20
    c) 1/16
    d) 1/12
    • Answer: d) 1/12
  • Mr Mehta chooses a number and keeps on doubling the number followed by subtracting one from it. If he chooses 3 as the initial number and he repeats the operation 30 times then what is the final result?
    a) (2^30) – 1
    b) (2^30) – 2
    c) (2^31) – 1
    d) None of these
    • Answer: d) None of these
  • Ram alone can paint a wall in 7 days and his friend Roy alone paints the same wall in 9 days. In how many days they can paint the wall working together? (Round off your answer)
    a) 3
    b) 5
    c) 4
    d) 7
    • Answer: c) 4
  • Two vertical walls of the length of 6 meters and 11 meters are at a distance of 12 meters apart. Find the top distance of both walls?
    a) 15 meters
    b) 13 meters
    c) 12 meters
    d) 10 meters
    • Answer: b) 13 meters
  • For f(m, n) =45*m + 36*n, where m and n are integers (either positive or negative). What is the minimum positive value for f(m, n) for all values of m, n (this may be achieved for various values of m and n)?
    a) 18
    b) 12
    c) 9
    d) 16
    • Answer: c) 9
  • A white cube(with six faces) is to be painted blue on two different faces. In how many different ways can this be achieved (two paintings are considered same if on a suitable rotation of the cube one painting can be carried to the other)?
    a) 30 ways
    b) 18 ways
    c) 4 ways
    d) 2 ways
    • Answer: d) 2
  • Which of the following numbers must be added to 5678 to give a reminder 35 when divided by 460?
    a) 980
    b) 618
    c) 955
    d) 797
    • Answer: d) 797
  • Rahaman went to a stationery shop and bought 18 pencils for Rs.100. He paid 1 rupee more for each grey pencil than for each black pencil. What is the price of a grey pencil and how many grey pencils did he buy?
    a) Rs.5, 10
    b) Rs.6, 10
    c) Rs.5, 8
    d) Rs.6, 8
    • Answer: b) Rs. 6, 10
  • Four people each roll a four die once. Find the probability that at least two people will roll the same number?
    a. 13/18
    b. 5/18
    c. None of the above
    d. 1295/1296
    • Answer: a) 13/18 ways
  • Ram said Shyam “If you give me half your money I will have Rs.75.” Shyam said, “If you give me one-third of your money, I will have Rs.75 How much money did Shyam have 4
    c) 48
    d) 60
    • Answer: d) 60
  • Ram goes to the market to buy apples. If he can bargain and reduce the price per apple by Rs.2, he can buy 30 apples instead of 20 apples with the money he has. How much money does he have?
    a. Rs.100
    b. Rs.50
    c. Rs.120
    d. Rs.150
    • Answer: c) 120
  • How many positive integers less than 500 can be formed using the numbers 1, 2, 3, and 5 for digits, each digit being used only once.
    a) 68
    b) 34
    c) 66
    d) 52
    • Answer: b) 34
  • A boy entered a shop and bought x number of books for y rupees. When he was about to leave the bookkeeper said, “if you buy 10 more books, you can have all the books for 2 rupees and you will also save 80 cents a dozen”. So what are x and y?
    a) (5, 1)
    b) (10, 1)
    c) (15, 1)
    d) Cannot be determined.
    • Answer: a) (5, 1)
  • The perimeter of an equilateral triangle is equal to a regular hexagon. Find out the ratio of their areas?
    a. 3:2
    b. 1:6
    c. 2:3
    d. 6:1
    • Answer: c) 2:3
  • In the given series: 70, 54, 45, 41……. What will be the next number?
    a) 40
    b) 36
    c) 35
    d) 38
    • Answer: a) 40
  • A series of story books were published at an interval of seven years. When the seventh book was published the total sum of the publication year was 13524. In which year was the first book published?
    a) 1910
    b) 1911
    c) 2002
    d) 1932
    • Answer: b) 1911


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