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Rajan Kumar

Founder at HackersFriend Updated Jan. 21, 2019, 11:31 p.m. ⋅ 940 views

Top 10 jobs that will have high demand in future

In every 10 to 15 years, some jobs goes out of market due to rise of new technologies. On their place, some new jobs are created.
With advancmets in AI more jobs are on threat than ever before. In this video we have composed a list of top 10 jobs that will be in very high demand in future. So if you are planning to be a high paid employee for a long time, sit tight and watch this video till the end.

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With that said, let's begin.

On number 10 we have drone pilots.

Drones are going to be used in almost every field that requires some kind of delivery or transportation. They are fast and cheaper alternative for transportation in the market. All companies, are switching to drones. Maybe we'll see a drone based courier service provider in future. So, if you love playing with toys and games, its time for you to make it real and become a drone pilot.

on number 9 we have Economists.
Economists are the people make stratigies for economical sustanibility of any organization. Means, they are one of the most important decision makers in industry. They are not going to be replaced by Machines in near future. It might be possible that new tools get developed using AI, which can be helpful in making economical decisions, but economists themselves will remain on their throne for long time. So, if you love solving economical probelms by making strategies, get up and make it your carrier and you'll not regret it.

on number 8 we have philosphers.
Wait, What did u say ? Philospers ? No way. Well, i agree with u.

But do you philosphy is one of those skills which only humans posses. So the question is, why they will be in demand in future ?

Let me explain it. Sooner or later, pretty much everything that requires human labour is going to be automated. With these automations coming in picuture, there is a great need of rules which these machines should follow. And there we are going to need philosphers. This profession might look out of leak today, but by the end they will be in very high demand, as u can see the future.

on number 7 we have lawyers.
We need lawyers for the same reason for which we need philosphers. Law cannot be decided by a machine and we certainly not want to go in jail because a machine declared us as a criminal. We'll always need a human judge in court and a lawyer for advice. Plus, with robots taking jobs of humans and data being one of the most valuable assets, there is a need of big change in laws. Lawyers are certainly going to enjoy a high demand in near future.

On number 6 we have solar engineers.

As for today, most of the energy we use, comes from resources that are not sustainable. If not today, maybe tommorow, we'll have to switch to sustainable energy resources. Solar energy is the most practicle alternative. Maybe in near future, every homes will have roofs made of solar plates and they'll no longer need electrcity supplies. Even better they will make money by selling their unsed electricity to industries. So, with that being clear, solar engineers are going to be in demand. If you love nature, and want to make world a better place, you should give this carrier a try.

On number 5 we have nano technology engineers.

Nano engineers are those engineers who build very very small piece of technical devices that can do do the job normal devices. A lot of diseases which are un curabale today, will might have a cure in future. Maybe there will be an injection in future, which will inject nano chips into our body and they will find out cancerious cells and destory them. If you love advetures and buiding technology of futuer this is right field for you.

on number 4 we have Mechatronic engineers.

Automobile industry has been an everygreen industry from a long time. But their sustainiblity relies on supply of fossil fuels. With these resources being dissapearing from picture, automobile industries are switching to electric vechiles. They dont need petrol or diesel to work. They dont produce any pollution. If you love cars and automobiles, get a degree in mechatronic engineering. you'll become an electric car engineer.

On number 3 we have Biotech engineers.
With engineeing mixing with medical, a lot of data about human body is being collected and with these data, a lot of soltions are coming in picture. Maybe in future, there will be some senser which we all can install our body and that sensor will alert us on our mobile phone if any cell is infected. Or maybe there will be some pills which we can take and they can add new skills in us by setting up new connectoins among nurons of our brain.

On number 2 we have Big Data engineers.
Data is being collected from several sources. Today we have more data than every before. Why these data are being collected ? Well, they are being used to train machines to make them mimic humans using machine learning. Big data engineers are those people, who manage all these massive amount of data and make them accessible in efficient way. So if u are planning work on a very high pay for a long time, become a big data engineer.

And finally on number 1 we have Data Scientist.
If data is the heart of new era, data scientsts are the brain. These are those geniuses who build mathematical models to extract informations form data and do predictions. They are actually the people who are resposible for all the magics are happening like - your phone guiding you to travel on road, answering your complex questions before you blink you eyes from billions of inforamtions.
So, if you love mathematics and computers and planing to lead the technology with computers using your mathematics, go ahead and try data science.

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