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Dhirendra Gupta

Student at BIT Mesra Oct. 12, 2020, 5 p.m. ⋅ 1134 views

TCS NQT Practice Technical Questions set 4

91. If a common property is referred by many objects of same class, then that property must be declared as _ in class.

A. static
B. void
C. transient
D. final

Ans. A

92. Which is a wrong combination of keywords ?

A. public abstract
B. static abstract
C. static final
D. None of these

Ans. B

93. How can you read the content of a class file on console ?

A. java
B. javap
C. javac
D. javadoc

Ans. C

94. How many type of Primitive Data Types exist in Java?

A. 4
B. 6
C. 8
D. 12

Ans. C

95. Method overloading does not allow :

A. Difference in no. of arguments.
B. Difference in Arguments data type.
C. Difference in return type.
D. Difference in method name.

Ans. D

96. Which Class provides you a Mutable String with thread safe and thread unsafe operations ?

A. String & StringBuilder
B. StringBuilder & StringBuffer
C. String & StringBuffer
D. None of these

Ans. B

97. How to sort an array in Java ?

A. Array.sort()
B. Arrays.sort()
C. Collection.sort()
D. System.sort()

Ans. B

98. An array elements are always stored in __ memory locations.

A. Sequential
B. Random
C. Both
D. None

Ans. A

99. What is the order of variables in Enum in Java ?

A. Ascending order
B. Descending order
C. Random order
D. Depends on the order() method.

Ans. A

100. If you access an uninitialized local variable will result?

A. 0 will be printed
B. Runtime Error
C. Compile Error
D. None of these

Ans. C

101. Which of the following is a type of polymorphism in Java?

A. Aggregation
B. Composition
C. Encapsulation
D. Association

Ans. D

102. Method overriding is combination of :

A. Inheritance + Abstraction
B. Inheritance + Polymorphism
C. Inheritance + Encapsulation
D. Encapsulation + Abstraction

Ans. B

103. Object-oriented inheritance models the following relationship

A. is a kind of
B. has a
C. want to be
D. None of these


Ans. A

104. Wrapping up of data in two or more forms is referred to as

A. Inheritance
B. Encapsulation
C. Polymorphism
D. Modularity

Ans. B

105. Which of the following is a type of polymorphism in Java?

A. Compile Time
B. Execution Time
C. Multiple
D. Multilevel

Ans. A

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