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TCS NQT aptitude questions set 5

Q51. If a three digit number ‘abc’ has 3 factors, how many factors does the 6-digit number ‘abcabc’ have ?

a) 16

b) 24

c) 16 or 24

d) 28

Ans. (c)

Q52. A series of books was published at 10 years interval. When the 10th book was issued, the sum of publication years was 19,560. When was the 1st book published ?

a) 1910

b) 1914

c) 1911

d) 1909

Ans. (c)

Q53. The diagonal of a square is twice the side of equilateral triangle. Find the ratio of Area of the Triangle to the Area of Square.

a) √3:8

b) √2:5

c) √3:6

d) √2:4

Ans. (a)

Q54. What is the value of (444444458888888544444442+44444438)/44444444^2

a) 88888883

b) 88888884

c) 88888888

d) None of these

Ans. (a)

Q55. Jake can dig a well in 16 days. Paul can dig the same well in 24 days. Jake, Paul and Hari together dig the well in 8 days. In how many days Hari alone can dig the well ?

a) 32 days

b) 48 days

c) 96 days

d) 24 days

Ans. (b)

Q56. There is a set of 36 distinct points on a plane with the following characteristics :

* There is a subset A consisting of 14 co-linear points.

* Any subset of three or more co-linear points from the 36 are a subset of A.

How many distinct triangles with positive area can be formed with each of its vertices being one of the 36 points? (Two triangles are said to be distinct if at least one of the vertices is different)

a) 7140

b) 4774

c) 1540

d) 6776

Ans. (d)

Q57. Divide 50 into two parts, such that the sum of their reciprocals is 1/12.

a) 25,25

b) 10,40

c) 20,30

d) None of these

Ans. (c)

Q58. Find the number of zeros in the expression 15 * 32 * 25 * 22 * 40 * 75 * 98 * 112 * 125.

a) 9

b) 7

c) 14

d) 12

Ans. (a)

Q59. In how many ways can 7 different objects be divided among 3 persons so that either one or two of them do not get any object ?

a) 36

b) 180

c) 381

d) 84

Ans. (c)

Q60. Which of the following numbers must be added to 5678 to give remainder of 35 when divided by 460 ?

a) 980

b) 797

c) 955

d) 618

Ans. (b)

Q61. The sum of four consecutive two-digit odd numbers, when divided by 10, becomes a perfect square. Which of the following can possibly be one of these four numbers ?

a) 67

b) 41

c) 25

d) 31

Ans. (b)

Q62. 4 men throw a die each simultaneously. Find the probability that at least 2 people get the same number.

a) 5/18

b) 13/18

c) 1/36

d) 1/2

Ans. (d)

Q63. There are 10 points on a straight line AB and 8 on another straight line AC none of them being point A. How many triangles can be formed with these points as vertices ?

a) 680

b) 720

c) 830

d) 640

Ans. (d)

Q64. How many 7-digit telephone numbers can be formed with 6 and 5 at the right and left extreme ends respectively ?

a) 2160

b) 720

c) 4320

d) None of these

Ans. (d)

Q65.In how many ways a cricketer can score a double century (200 runs) with only boundaries (fours) and over boundaries (sixes) ?

a) 15

b) 16

c) 17

d) 18

Ans. (c)

Q66. A boy buys 18 sharpners, (brown/white) for Rs.100. For every white sharpener, he pays one rupee more than the brown sharpener. What is the cost of white sharpener and how much did he buy ?

a) 5, 9

b) 5, 13

c) 5, 10

d) 6, 10

Ans. (c)

Q67. The wages of 24 men and 16 women amount to 11600 per day. Half the number of men and 37 women has same money. The daily wages paid to each man is :

a) 375

b) 400

c) 410

d) 350

Ans. (d)

Q68. There is a toy train that can make 10 musical sounds. It makes 2 musical sounds after being defective. What is the probability that same musical sound would be produced 5 times consecutively?

a) 1/32

b) 2/32

c) 5/16

d) 3/8

Ans. (a)

Q69. Peter and Paul are two friends. The sum of their ages is 35 years. Peter is twice as old as Paul was when Peter was as old as Paul is now. What is the present age of Peter ?

a) 20

b) 18

c) 21

d) 39

Ans. (a)

Q70. A girl has to make pizza with different toppings. There are 8 different toppings. In how many ways can she make pizzas with 2 different toppingsen divided by 460 ?

a) 98

b) 70

c) 56

d) 64

Ans. (c)


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