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Dhirendra Gupta

Student at BIT Mesra Oct. 6, 2020, 10:06 a.m. ⋅ 3887 views

TCS NQT aptitude questions set 3

Q21. A boy buys 18 sharpeners (brown or white) for Rs. 100. For every white sharpener, he pays one rupee more than the brown sharpener. What is the cost of white sharpener & how much did he buy ?

a) 5, 13

b) 5, 10

c) 6, 10

d) None of these

Ans. c
Let boy bought p white sharpeners @ Rs (q+1) and (18-p) brown
sharpeners @ Rs q per sharpener, then
p= 100-18q
Only integral value of p less than 18 will be 10.
then p=10, q=5
so he bought 10 white sharpeners @ Rs 6 per sharpeners and 8 brown
sharpeners @ Rs 5 per sharpener.
Ans is 6,10

Q22. Raj travels a part of journey by taxi paying 15 per km and rest by train paying 21per km. If he travels a total of 450 Km and pay Rs.8130 then the distance travelled by raj in train ?

a) 230

b) 260

c) 190

d) 180

Ans. a
Let the distance traveled by train = p
Distance travelled by taxi = (450-p)
Now, (450-p)15 + p21=8130
On solving p=230

Q23. Average of 3 numbers ABC is given as 48. Average of A,B,C,D is 46. Its given that E is having 3 more than D, then Average of B,C,D,E is 45. What is the score of A ?

a) 46

b) 47

c) 48

d) 49

Ans. b
A + B + C) = 48 * 3 = 144
(A + B + C + D) = 80 * 4 = 184
D = 184 – 144 = 40
E = D + 3 = (40 + 3) = 43 kg
(B + C + D + E )= (45 * 4) = 180
(B + C) = 180 – 43 – 40 = 47
A = 184 – 97 – 40 = 47

Q24. Bablu alone can do a piece of work in 10 days. Ashu alone can do it in 15 days. The total wages for the work in Rs.5000 .how much should Bablu be paid of they work together for entire duration of the work

a) 4000

b) 3000

c) 5000

d) 2000

Ans. b
Bablu’s 1 day’s work =1/10
Ashu’s 1 day’s work = 1/15
Ratio of wages of A and B =1/10 : 1/15=3:2
Bablu’s share= (5000* 3/5)= Rs.3000

Q25. Rahul buys an article at Rs.15850 from the retailer who sells it at a profit of 15 %. The retailer bought it from a wholesaler who sold it at a profit of 20 %. The manufacture sold it at a profit of 30 % to the wholesaler. Find the cost price of manufacturing the article (approximately) ?

a) 8835

b) 15000

c) 12192

d) None of these

Ans. (a)

Q26. Jenny made a block with small cubes of 9 cubic cm volume. To make the block she used 4 small cubes long, 8 small cubes wide and 16 small cubes deep. She realizes that she has used more small cubes than she really needed. She realized that she could have glued a fewer number of cubes together to look like a block with same dimensions, if it were made hollow. What is the minimum number of cubes that she needs to take out so that the bigger cube is hollow ?

a) 344

b) 512

c) 168

d) 342

Ans. c
The tot. vol. of solid = 4*8*16= 512
The tot. vol. of hollow = (4-2)(8-2)(16-2) = 168i
means that, 168 smaller cubes must be removed from the cube in order to make a hollow block.
The tot. vol. of solid = 4*8*16= 512
The tot. vol. of hollow = (4-2)(8-2)(16-2) = 168i
means that, 168 smaller cubes must be removed from the cube in order to make a hollow block.

Q27. Mr Behera wants to build a house for his wife. In his dream house there are 5 rooms each having equal area. The length of each room is 4 m, breadth is 5 m and the height is 2m. For every single unit of area, he requires 17 bricks, how many bricks are required to make the floor of a particular room ?

a) 340

b) 420

c) 280

d) 400

Ans. a
Area=54 (l*b)=20 sqm
1 sqm=17 bricks
So,20 sqm=20*17=340 bricks

Q28. On planet Korba, a solar blast has melted the ice caps on its equator. 9 years after the ice melts, tiny planetoids called echina start growing on the rocks. Echina grows in the form of circle, and the relationship between the diameter of this circle and the age of echina is given by the formula, d = 4*√ (t-9) for t ≥ 9, where d represents the diameter in mm and t, the number of years since the solar blast. Anubhav recorded the radius of some echina at a particular spot as 7mm. How many years back did the solar blast occur ?

a) 17

b) 21.25

c) 12.25

d) 12.06

Ans. b
It is given that radius=7mm.
So diameter= 14mm.
Put, d=14 in equation, we get, t=21.25

Q29. A racehorse starts chasing a wild pony 3 hours after the pony bolts the stable. The pony runs through the entire country of Alb. Texas jumping 3 streams and crossing four 10 meter roads. The racehorse finally catches up with the pony after four hours by the time the sun had set and the moon was up in the sky for 4 hours. If the average speed of the racehorse is 73kmph then average speed of the wild pony is ?

a) 54.75 kmph

b) 42.71 kmph

c) 31.29 kmph

d) 41.71 kmph

Ans. d
Distance covered by horse =73*4=292
Total time taken by = 3hr+4hr =7hr
Speed of pony =292/7 = 41.71

Q30. Isha bought two varieties of rice costing 50rs per kg and 60 Rs per kg and mixed them in some ratio. Then, she sold that mixture at 70 Rs per kg making a profit of 20 % What was the ratio of the mixture?

a) 1:10

b) 3:8

c) 1:5

d) None of these

Ans. (c)

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