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Rajan Kumar

Founder at HackersFriend Updated May 29, 2019, 3:40 p.m. ⋅ 1155 views

Learn Full stack development from scratch part - 1 ( step by step guide )

We'll start from front end. We'll talk about HTML, CSS, Javascript in begining then well move on to intermediate level things like responsive designs, Grunt, Gulp, Webpack and front-end JavaScript frameworks like React JS, Vue JS, and Angular JS.

We'll also talk about which code editor you should use and how you can work in a team using Git.

After completing front end stuffs and Git, we'll get into backend. There we will talk about most commonly used back-end languages like PHP, Python, Node Js and others then we'll see how they stack up.

After talking about langauges, we'll get into databases. There we will talk about SQL and NOSQl databases. And you'll also understand which one should be used in which case.

After databases we'll talk about servers. There we'll cover up, Domains, SSL certificates, Shared servers, Cloud servers, Dedicated servers, VPS i.e Virtual Private servers and maintanance of server. Then we'll talk about deploying your files to server using FTP or SFTP.

As u can see, this is a very huge list of topics and putting it all together in a single video will make it too big. So, i have broken it down into 3 parts.

Fist part is consist of basic things like Git, Code Edtiors setup, and basic front end skills like html, css and javascript.

In the 2nd part we'll get into intermediate level front end stuffs like, responsive design and and JavaScrip frameworks. And finally in the 3rd part we'll cover up backend stuffs.

This is part 1. With all that information. Lets begin the journey of being a full stack developer.

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