How HackersFriend projects works for developers


Submit for screeing round

  • Choose a project

    Properly read the details about project and see it's deadlines, guidelines and terms. Estimate, wheather you can deliver it or not ? If all look good. Go to next step.

  • Submit deliverables of screeing round

    Read the deliverables of screeing round. Depending upon project and client, it varies. Learn how to qualify screeing round in Informataion & guidelines section.

Qualify screeing round

  • Top 5 participants are shortlisted

    Only top 5 participants are shortlisted for allotment of project. But project is alloted to only Rank 1 holder. In case, he/she falis to deliver client requirements and meet deadlines, it is given to another participant standing behind him/her.

  • Sign the terms acceptance document

    Before you get the project and start working on it, you'll have to sign the Non Discloure Agreement & some other documents, depending upon client's requirements.

Deliver project

  • Build the project

    As per project requirements, build the full working version of it. Which can be handed over to client. While doing final submission, also attach a running instruction and requirements document. Once, you have completed work from your side submit it.

  • Do final fixtures

    After you submit the project, client checks it. Sometimes, what you deliver may have something that doesn't work or doesn't meet project requirements. In case, of that, you'll have to fix those things.

Get paid

Informataions & guidelines

What do i have to submit in qualification round ?

That depends upon project. In each project it is mentioned about what you'll have to submit in screeing round.

What color and font should i use in my project ?

Each client has their own branding guidelines, which is written in project. In some projects it is not mentioned, there you can choose whatever looks good to you, in those cases.

How will i get paid ?

You'll get paid via UPI and other items will be sent to your specified address.

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