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Product Design Intern

BookMyShow • Mumbai, Bengaluru • 2¬†years ago

Required Experiene: 0 years

Job type: Internship

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About the Job

Your Profile

  1. Comprehend product briefs and present the ideas/solution to the team under supervision of the design lead
  2. Document the design process for each feature, such as research findings, ideations, and usability testings, and monitor the impact after the product release
  3. Create delightful and compelling, user-centered experiences across interfaces - Web and Mobile
  4. Design elegant flows & interactions for audiences across platforms
  5. Work closely with product managers, visual designers and front-end engineers to ensure the user goals are met through out the journey
  6. Analyze heatmap, google analytics and other data to make better decisions to meet user goals
  7. Suggest interaction design variations to AB test various UI interactions
  8. Offer creative solutions to product-related design/usability challenges, and expose site usability problems

Your Checklist

  1. Must have experience in designing customer facing or consumer oriented website or mobile app
  2. Must be proficient in Figma.
  3. Ability to handle data and identify problem areas, further map out the user journey, and break the problems into smaller, actionable steps forward
  4. Good at problem solving and finding solutions through design with keeping technology and business constraints in mind
  5. Should be excellent at communication, be able to explain ideas clearly
  6. Must be extremely pro-active and self starter
  7. Should be a team player


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