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Rajan Kumar

Founder at HackersFriend Updated Jan. 21, 2019, 11:15 p.m. ⋅ 929 views

Top 5 Tv shows Programmers must watch

Tv shows are great thing to spend sometime with. Great Tv shows push your limits of imaginations. They give you new ideas. You can learn a lot about world by watching tv shows.

In this video we have composed a list of 5 best tv shows, which are story of geeks like you. They are all great shows to watch in your free time.

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With that said, let's begin our list.

On number 5 we have Scorpion.

Scorpion is a story of geek named, walter o brian. He has very high IQ and he highly un-social like must of you geeks. Later on, he organizes a team of 3 more geeks and builds a team. They get contracts from government to solve a lot extremly chnallanging problems.

In this you'll come to know about a lot of science and how they can be co-related with real life. Whenever u get free time. Watch this show.

On number 4 we have Black Mirror.

Unlike other Tv Shows black mirror is not a sequential story. Each episode is an independent story. So from no matter where u start you'll certainly enjoy watching it. Great thing about this show is, you'll come to know about a lot of new ideas and their effects on real life. If u love futurism, give this show a try.

On number 3 we have Mr Robot.

Mr robot is a story of Security engineer Named, eliot. He too has social anixety, like every geek. He organizes a team and plans to encrypt all the files of a very big corporation called evil corp. and redistribute the wealth by destroying records of banks.
If you love adventure, and crime stories, you should certianly watch this show.

on number 2 we have Westworld.

Westworld is a vast sotry of several characters and a lot timelines. Westworld is completly different world of robots in which robots are programmed to act, look and behave like humans. After watching this show you'll certianly starting thinking like, arent we too living in a world which might be a game for some very high civilised society. If you love AI, robots and fantacies, give this show a try.

On number 1 we have silicon valley.
This is an amazing show of some developers living in silicon valley. They leave a big organization called holy to start their own company and story continues with investments, competitions, faliures and a lot. If you are a startup guy, u should certainly watch this show. In this show you'll learn a lot about pitching, investor terms, and compnany formation.

So that was list of 5 tv shows for you which is story of people like you.

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